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Marcus Giavanni is Running To be the Next Mayor of Denver
Marcus Giavanni is Running To be the Next Mayor of Denver

Marcus Giavanni: Who is Running to be the Next Mayor of Denver - $800,000,000 Short Falls - Mayor - Michael B. Hancock - $260,000 Rest of Life Pension

Published Sep 15, 2018 3:53 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A New | Next Mayor 2019 | Marcus Giavanni Who is Running To be the Next Mayor of Denver 2019 | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Will Be Beat | Election Day | Tuesday | May 7, 2019 | Defending the Kingdom of Denver | People For a More Pragmatic Government | Content*

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Michael Hancock - Mayor of Denver 2019 - "Mayor Hancock will be beaten by "Marcus Giavanni", who is running to be the Next Mayor of Denver in 2019. To Mayor Hancock, does Denver’s Integrity mean anything to you"?" Mayor Michael Hancock? Does the new "Denver 10-year record high in violent crimes, murders, robberies, home invasions, crimes against the weak, and increased homelessness. All on under your leadership Mayor Hancock, and friends since 1963.  

Candidate Marcus Giavanni who is running for Mayor of Denver for a third time; 2011, 2015, 20190. Marcus Giavanni who is running to unseat incumbent Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019. 

Will be bringing attention to Habituals whom by ether anonymous, or public spectacle.  Bring unfounded allegations, innuendos, unsubstantiated gossip. No matter if we like it or not. Our right, to a fair trial, and to face are accusers is a right we all have. But always check the patterns of the accusers. Young and old. 

Now over the last 10 years. Our right of a fair trial. has moved form our court system. To the courts of Public Opinion. Where good people in the Media or other entities. Just can't fathom that government officials, law enforcement, political analyst, media host, and commentary. Think it's just crazy that someone would come out and lie.

Side Note: Like when Alexandra Brandon Stoddard – who goes by A. B. Stoddard. Claimed it's crazy to think someone would come forward to ruin their lives to come forward to ruin their lives. To say something that is not true. She need to quit drinking that Kool-aid.

A. B. Stoddard is not crazy, she just thinks. like a normal person, and can't except the fact people lie, children lie, and become bigger liars as adults, they become cowards, and bullies. To circumvent stories. To gain an end result of something that benefits those who use these kind of tactics. is just unmanageable by a normal thinking person.

It does happen, and it happens more often than anyone knows, or wants to hear about. And especially those who like to claim."Oh, he's playing the victim card. Those who say that. Are the biggest predators of them all.

Now, that these cowards, bullies, and liars of facts. Can use their bag of tricks, and direction form some of the most powerful in the media. To destroy lives, and families. At all, and any costs. 

Now we are in the court of Public Opinion, and it's destroy lives, and the real court system. That has been set in place, so that the public does not, take the law into their own hands. More to come on this later. Watch for the patterns folks!

Now comes Denver Voters who want to know. How Mayor Hancock makes $260,000 a year. And some say you get $90,000 per year for serving two terms a Denver City Council. And now since you have served two terms as Mayor of Denver since 2011. Mayor Hancock you will receive $170,000 per year for the rest of your long life. Adding up both your pensions. You will garnish $260,000 per year for the rest of your life.

That means every 10 years you, Mayor Hancock, bankroll $2,600,000 million dollars. Whilst, our teachers, and civil servants, city and county employees, airport employees. Fight to live a decent life, with their pursuit of happiness. 

In fact, All department heads and supervisors get paid very handsomely. To keep others, begging and pleading for more money. Some staff, and decent tools and computers to be the Silicon Mountain Mayor Hancock likes to phrase, to describe Denver. Things are not good in Denver, and its failing image. We call it "Shuck and Jive Politics by Marcus Giavanni"

The deprived civil servants, and now they have to work overtime just to make things meet. Being deprived of sleep (Law Enforcement) is not good for the officers, nor the community they swore to protect and serve. Not to mention Denver is about 1,500 officers short ...

Who is Running To be the Next Mayor of Denver 2019
Who is Running To be the Next Mayor of Denver 2019

...Mayor Hancock did you know why your girl Cary Kennedy. Lost in the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial race? Because voter’s outside of Denver. Knew That Cary Kennedy, and her Boss Michael Hancock. Are responsible for the $100,000,000-dollar short falls last 7 years. And your last year Mayor. Will bring the total to $800,000,000 million dollars. And add the 2010 short fall of $100,000,000 dollars. 

Denver has over spent the city coffers $900,000,000 million dollars. And to elect you for 4 more years. When you mayor has reached peak leadership. Would bring Denver to bankruptcy. With total short falls totaling $1,300,000,000 Billion dollars. What can you offer that you have been able to protect or defend the Kingdom of Denver.

Denver Voter's want to know how much money does Denver have in it's coffers. How liquid is Denver. Wheren 

I can tell you based on facts, and advanced algorithms. You’re all talk, and no action, and the facts speak for themselves. You have now put the entire future in the hands of the uninformed Denver Voters. They all understand the Social Credit System. And Denver is failing big time...

Next Mayor Denver Marcus Giavanni Broncos Super Bowl 2020
Next Mayor Denver Marcus Giavanni Broncos Super Bowl 2020

...Marcus Giavanni who is Running to be the Next Mayor of Denver. Will have to clean up from the aftermath of 55 years of Democratic Monopoly Rule since 1963. When Denver’s Government is to be governed as a Nonpartisan Government. It’s the Law!


Mayor and friends will not be able to circumvent the Nonpartisan Law of the Speer Amendment 1913. By having the Denver elections Division , in your back pocket. Claiming Denver is Nonpartisan by Ballot only. That is a big Fat Lie! And now Denver Voters Know it. And they are the only ones who can change it. Without going to Court. What???


Marcus Giavanni, has fought to wake up Denver since 2011. And in the 2105 Denver Mayoral Election . Marcus Giavanni came in 2nd place, your nearest competitor, with real facts, no money. And on election Day of Tuesday, May 7, 2018.


The city and county of Denver, Colorado. Has an opportunity to be a virgin Government. No time in history of any Government. Has an opportunity to start off on a clean slate. And an instant 990 Social Credit Score.


It will take 12 years to bring Denver back to the Days of Honorable Mayor’s Webb and Pena. – GP7A News

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Safe 2 Tell - Who is running For Mayor of Denver - Michael Hancock
Safe 2 Tell - Who is running For Mayor of Denver - Michael Hancock