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Marcus Giavanni: Next Leadership - City of Denver - Most Powerful - Next Generation of Leadership - "Next" City of Denver the Most Powerful - "2019"

Published Dec 26, 2018 6:01 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "Next Generation of Leadership" | "Most Powerful City of Denver" | #jamie4denver | #lisa4denver| #tatefordenver | #twitter "City and County of DENVER will be the "Most Powerful Government" in the "World".

Denver: Year 2019 - Most Powerful City of Denver - - Marcus Giavanni not Michael Hancock. Marcus Giavanni will be the “Next Generation of Leadership”. Marcus Giavanni: "Marcus Giavanni is the Next Generation Leadership" for the "City of DENVER" will be the "Most Powerful" city and County in the World"."

"Marcus Giavanni has built the "Power Denver Network" of the World"." Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will not be reelected in the “2019 Denver Municipal Elections" Denver Voters’ Want a New Mayor”.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock – “Michael Hancock” Denver Mayor since 2011. “Mayor of Denver “Michael Hancock” announces his third term for “2019 Mayor of Denver” by filing for “Mayor 2019” on October 15, 2018. 

The same day as “Shadow Candidate” “Lisa Calderon Attorney” announcing, “Attorney Lisa Calderon” has filed for Mayor”.” For Denver on the same day as “Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock” on “October 15, 2018”.”

Denver Voters Voted No for Attorney Government Take Over" in the "2003 Denver mayoral Race" to "Penfield Tate" which "Mayor John Hickenlooper was elected "Mayor 2003". 

Did you know Denver is a nonpartisan Governemnt. The Democrats have taken over the Government of Denver. And Denver can't sustain a positive "Social Credit System Scores and Rankings". Thus, why Denver is losing so many opportunities. The scary thing, Denver citizens, who voted for this 56 year monopoly. Don't understand the crossroads Denver has come to.

Denver Attorneys running for Mayor are "Attorney Penfield Tate" and "Lisa Calderon Attorney" should these "Attorneys" know about "Google+ Law Authority" and who has "Absolute Authority Over the Internet"?" - Marcus Giavanni

*Marcus Giavanni* Next Generation of Leadership City of Denver
*Marcus Giavanni* Next Generation of Leadership City of Denver

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock: Michael Hancock - Exploring $15 Minimum Wage - For City Employees

Published Dec 27, 2018 5:34 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock" | Michael Hancock Exploring | 415 Minimum Wage For City Employees | Google+ Law Authority - @mayorhancock - I (Marcus Giavanni) can guarantee $15 Per hour when I am Mayor. I have created a Social System platform that will make Denver the Most Powerful City in the World. And it's called CityandCountyofDenver.Net"." 

Those companies using the logo, and other assets on the websites. will pay a price! We KNOW WHO YOU ARE! And it's only a matter of time. Until the "MAN" comes a... knocking at your Doors'. and @mayorhancock are trying to figure out how they can steal another election since 2011. And Michael Hancock's coronation in the "2015 Denver Mayoral Election". 

Denver mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019. Knowing what Hancock thinks. Is very important to use against himself. "Michael Hancock" he’s going to shuck and jive @cityofdenver. 

"Jamie Giellis" Mayor of Denver 2019" - "RiNo" - Not - "River North Art District" Government Takeover - "Black Hat Abyss" - "Andrew Kenney Denver Post", @jamie4denver - #jamiefordenver - @jamiefordenver - #RiNo - #denver - "Auditor Dennis Gallagher" - Establishment - Responsible for - $1,00,000,000 - "Short Falls" 2010 - 2018 - Denver Voters' Are not Stupid! - Marcus Giavanni