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The Internet is a Tyrannical Beast it Feeds on the Emotions and Habits of Humans.

Always Control Your Clouds...

For in the Future, They will Control You!
Mayoral Election 2023 Municipal Elections 2023 Marcus Giavanni .mp4 | #mayoralelection 2023 | #municipalelections 2023
Mayoral Election 2023 Municipal Elections 2023 Marcus Giavanni .mp4 | #mayoralelection 2023 | #municipalelections 2023

Colorado: Mayoral Election 2023 Municipal Elections 2023  Denver - Asks Marcus Giavanni - Observer Indexer Verified 2007 to Present 2021 Beyond Human

Published Jun 9, 2021 1:34 AM | Updated; Jun 9, 10:19 AM by */Municipal Elections/* - Observer "Indexer Marcus Giavanni" Mayoral Candidate Verified "2011 2015 2019" Google "Calendar Years" | About| Mayoral Election 2023 Municipal Elections 2023 Marcus Giavanni 2nd Place Candidate "2015 Mayor for Denver" Verified Clerk and Recorder Verified | "Marcus Giavanni Sues" Stephaney O’Malley 2011 Verified Here | "2019 Denver Mayor" Candidate "sues Debra Johnson" Esign Petition Failures Verified "Artificial Intelligence Advance Algorithms" and Patterned "Matched Conversations" All Parties "Location Judge David Goldberg" Presiding Denver "District Court" Date Set | #metahuman Development Marcus Giavanni

"Colorado: Denver Municipal Elections 2023. Will an Outsider be finally elected as the next Mayor of Denver? with Many of the Denver city council reaching their final terms, and cannot be reelected. Are some of these failed City council Members eye bawling to be the Next Denver Mayor in 2023"."

About: ““May 9 Mayoral Election 2023 and the Municipal Elections 2023 by Marcus Giavanni Metahuman Observer and Indexer of the #cityandcountyofdenver. Since 2011, an outsider; influenced by the Honorable Mayor Robert W. Speer; believe it or not say’s Marcus Giavanni”.”” ….

When we look back at the “Denver Mayoral Election in 2011”. I indexed the entire Denver City council, and all Government departments, all the elected officials. And most important all the candidates, and the organizations all tied to the down fall of the City and county of Denver.

When you think about how small the world really is, the World Wide Web is even smaller. As, we saw all the different media, and their writers. And the way they structure content on their websites. Are fake, bias, with hidden agendas that in my world spells doom for most media today.

The question is not about if, it is about when. We all We can bullshit “God Bless America”, but we can't bullshit “God Bless Artificial intelligence” period! There are forces at work to make the City and County of Denver the Most Powerful according to Marcus Giavanni.

#metahuman #marcusgiavanni #marcushutter1 #deepakchopra.mp4
#metahuman #marcusgiavanni #marcushutter1 #deepakchopra.mp4