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Marcus Giavanni a candidate for Denver Mayor 2019
Marcus Giavanni a candidate for Denver Mayor 2019

Denver Mayoral Candidate: Marcus Giavanni first to file Mayor 2019 A Candidate for Denver Mayor 2019
Published May 30, 2018 12:59 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | The Denver Post | Jon Murray | Denver Mayoral Candidate Giavanni | First to File for Mayor 2019 | Next Municipal Elections | Tuesday | May 7, 2019 | #timesuphancock | #denverteachers | #Denver | Giavanni Candidate Denver Mayor 

Marcus Giavanni a candidate for Denver Mayor in 2019 - @MGiavanni - - Denver Mayoral Front runner 2019.  Denver's Next Municipal Election for Mayor. Denver Mayoral Candidate Giavanni, was the first to file mayor 2019. Denver Post, @JonMurray, @MGiavanni a Candidate for Denver Mayor 2019. #Timesuphancock.

Author/Writer Jon Murray of the Denver Post just saved The Denver Post, and what some Voters are saying, has taking the step to clean up Denver's Professional Journalism on May 25, 2019. Jon Murray at the Denver Post interviews for the first time since 2015 Interview. 

Now comes Giavanni Interviews Jon Murray ... What???

Giavanni - Hello

Murray - Hello Giavanni, it's Jon Murray with The Denver Post. how are you doing? 

Giavanni - Hey Jon!

Murray - How are you doing?

Giavanni - I'm doing great. How are you doing?

Murray - I'm Doing okay!

Wow, it's Jon Murray from the Denver Post reaching out to Me, on May 24, 2018. And instead of going through the entire 36 minutes, 21 second interview.

I will say this about Jon Murray; is a kind young man. And he does not own, The Denver Post, or is he a shareholder. And he is certainly not the Editor. But that might not be a bad idea. But Jon Murray does not seem to be an executive type. He loves being on the front line. Can you image Jon could write what he really thinks and feels. WOW!


Jon Murray is the Clark Kent of the Daily Planet. (The Denver Post). And yes, being a Superman is not a bad gig. If you don't mind saying showing that "S" on your chest occasionally.


I told Jon, he had a way to tell people to go to hell. Where they would look forward to the trip. Many voters want Jon to be tougher on Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. 


For Jon is the man who is the eyes, ears, and voice for Denver Citizens who might not be able to ask the tough questions or make all politicians accountable for the promises they make during Campaign. And whilst in politicians are in office.


I told Jon all about Google, and teachers pay, education, various platforms that are built that will lead Denver into the future. and the power of being a nonpartisan Government.


Nevertheless, Jon did not know that Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock will make a pension retirement of $260,000 per year for the rest of Michael b. Hancock long life. (These pensions, raises, are killing Denver. 

No wonder Denver had a $700,000,000 short fall last 8 years. And growing. Some Experts put it at over a $1,000,000,000 dollar in short falls over the decades. And sine Denver always must have and show a balanced budget. Our Mayor and his team of corrupt hoodlums. Have been able to hide these facts for the last 7 years. It was 2010 when the first $100,000,000 shortfall was discovered by Giavanni. Who told James Mejia. Who then took it and told all the media.)


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