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The Internet is a Tyrannical Beast it Feeds on the Emotions and Habits of Humans.

Always Control Your Clouds...

For in the Future, They will Control You!
Denver: You looking for an Attorney, GP7A Attorneys Directory, Equitable Building
Denver: You looking for an Attorney, GP7A Attorneys Directory, Equitable Building


This Attorney Directory was started to build authority for the future of Google Searches. And Google's End-users in need of Attorneys.


The future of Google Search for Law Firms, Attorneys, will be based on Knowledge-Based Trust, Experience, and now...



Just like "eHarmony, but without all the questions".


Google is moving towards Directories, for most everything. And Compatibility is # 1 when it comes to looking for Lawfirms, Attoneys, representing you in legal matters.

Denver Historic Places Equitable Building 730 17th Street, City and County of Denver, CO 80202
Denver Historic Places Equitable Building 730 17th Street, City and County of Denver, CO 80202


The Marcus Giavanni Show broadcasts from the Downtown Denver Historic
Rocky Mountain Steam Fest, City and County of Denver
Rocky Mountain Steam Fest, City and County of Denver

If you're looking to reestablish yourself and move to colorado.
Denver -CO Visitor Information About US
Denver -CO Visitor Information About US

Colorado, U.S.A: Information, Things to Do, Visiting, Elections, Smart City, Denver Equitable Building tours, "Denver Future" #1 Live, Play, Work and Retire, just make sure have Money!

The Equitable Building
730 17th St., Colorado 80202 
Equitable Building, for Sale By Owner Company,
Are you looking to, buy, lease, rent or sell.

When you visit Colorado. Make sure you visit the "Equitable Building" at 730 17th Street, 
CO 80202. The Google Map above will give you a close look at the Equitable Building; magnificent architectural wonders, and the stories behind 1892

Denver Future, is the capitol of the beautiful state called Colorado. An American Metropolis and is home of the Broncos; the Super Bowl 50 World Champions. Denver Broncos fans will miss, Peyton Manning; one of the best NFL Football players that we won't see, for decades.

When visiting, go to Larimer Square, the city's oldest block, and see the 19th-century building still intact. We have 11 council districts, 2- At Large (they cover all 11 districts), we have a Clerk and Recorder, and the very important Auditor.

 In 1913, then Honorable Mayor Robert W. Speer, knew the importance of the Power of the People, power to business owners, and power to the educators, and churches, and the roll they all are required to participate, in making the "City Beautiful" and therefore, the law was passed by voters, as a Non-Partisan Government. 

Mayor Robert W. Speer knew that if we're governed by Partisanship. The ALL citizens would lose the power of their own Government; expect the few, behind this monopoly.

Did you know,  in 1971, the Non-Partisan Law, went to the citizens, to Vote to abolish, the Non-Partisan Law, and go strictly Partisan Government. So that the Ruling Party would have complete control of everything.

The voters won, and Non-Partisan was to remain our Law. But somewhere between 1976 through 2016. This Non-Partisan Law was, and still is misinterpreted, and for the last decades there has been a monopoly of our government, and this is not going to last any longer in the future.

Did you know: The Election Division has claimed over the decades (because nobody was/is paying attention), they claim; Non-Partisan, only lasted a few years, and that a compromise was set. That our ballots; will have no Party affiliation, next to each candidate's name.

It is this disingenuous claim, that allowed the Democrat Party of Colorado, to control, what others have called for years. A Monopoly of our democracy, to which, we all live.  

The Dangers we face in the "Future", nobody can see, due to lack of interests, or being personally uninformed; or you react to what you hear from others, who react with hate, fear, and racial, morally, and financially divided. Keep people in the dark, keep them divided, keep them fighting, and spread the gambit of deception that $19,300,000,000 in U.S. Debt means nothing, and like the way our children have been taught. over the last 35 years.

The United States is in a serious decline of Morals, No Respect for Life, No regard for each other, No regard for property, no regard to our elders, and we rank #2 in the world for Ignorance. 

As to where we stand locally. It's almost impossible to dig out of a monopoly, but it can, and will be done, again.  There are thousands of citizens in our beautiful metropolis. 

The positive of all this; all American voters, are waking up, to the reality of what The United States of America has become over the last 35 to 40 years. 

It's going to take a miracle to make America great again; some say.

I say America has always been great, and it's America way to triumph over adversity. One of the most important thing to consider; is how the world perceives us. some say who cares, but most say, Yes!

If we are going to police the world, and force our democracy on other countries, that don't want to live in democracy. Regardless, the United States of America, must be paid for everything we do, provide, we, can't give our almost worthless money; our products, services, and the lives, limbs, burns, and the blood of our men and women soldiers. And do you believe some of these young men and women, has never had a cocktail. But they can Kill, and not drink a beer, after words.

The chaos is not outside our boundaries. They within our townships, cities and counties. That are controlled by 
Democratic or by a Republican democracies.

In 1990, the political tides turned from "We the People" controlled governments. to Party or Partisan controlled 
governments. And the leagance went from politician represents their Voter Base, to Politicians throwing their Voter Base under the their Democracy bus, and now the elected politicians' represents either the Democrat or Republican Party's Future.

Now, move ahead to the Presidential Elections for the 2016 Federal General Elections. What the world is seeing is a battle between Democrats and Republicans, and the political process, to which some believe. They (2 party system), control, and have manipulated, the entire election process, the majority of time in American History. 

Democrats and Republicans; they control their, states, counties, cities, townships, rules, regulations, safety, and willing to spend time and money on Emergency Management Preparedness.

Based on Advanced Algorithms Searches.  

Talk Radio Program and Advertising Marcus Giavanni Show is not on Independent Talk, 1100 AM, KFNX. Moved to Surfer Network.
Talk Radio Program and Advertising Marcus Giavanni Show is not on Independent Talk, 1100 AM, KFNX. Moved to Surfer Network.
About the "Equitable Building" a Historic Landmark in the city.
About the "Equitable Building" a Historic Landmark in the city
Equitable Building, Denver, Marcus Giavanni decided 2 Surfer Network, and not Independent Talk 1100 AM KFNX.
Equitable Building, Denver, Marcus Giavanni decided 2 Surfer Network, and not Independent Talk 1100 AM KFNX.

Denver is the birthplace of the Google+ Truth Alorithms
Denver is the birthplace of the Google+ Truth Alorithms

Conversation Authority in every City  and County

Authority over Conversations Worldwide.

Conversation Authority: City of Denver; Reports from GP7A News reports about “Conversation Authority” and how-to gain control of any conversation before it starts, after it starts, and take over existing conversation.

How, by Establishing Google Authority, for you, your business, idea, career, invention. It all starts by establishing Authority over your subject, topic, experience, and siting sources to your claims. Not just here-say, innuendos, false accusations’.


From the ever most popular “Lover, Hater, BFF, Employees, Judges, City Employees, espionage."


But, facts.


City of Denver; Future is all about Business, Entertainment, Technology. City of Denver will be the Future for Smart City Development. To which the CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER. Could have won the Smart City Challenge.


The Smart City challenge winner would win The USDOT has pledged up to $40 million (funding subject to future appropriations) to one city to help it define what it means to be a “Smart City “and become the country’s first city to fully integrate innovative technologies – self-driving cars, connected vehicles, and smart sensors – into their transportation network.

If Denver, used all their resources and worked with others, that are not Democrat in affiliation. In a City and County that’s law requires denouncement of party affiliation...and swear elegance to the citizens of the City and County of Denver. And allegiance to the All Business Owners. Not just the cozy Downtown Denver Partnership and Tami Door. And with that said. Just look at mayhem on 16th street mall. And that’s just what is being reported. Those 200 bullets that was sprayed on Market street, is forcing visitors to look for other Denver Metropolitan cities to visit, play, eat, and rest.


Denver is a growing metropolis, and with only 154 square miles. They need to work smarter, not harder in restoring the governance back to No-partisan.


Let’s look at Aug 2, 2016 - Hancock’s affordable housing plan met with doubts - Eliza Carter Author: Colorado Independent Mayor Michael Hancock's plan to support Denverite’s who are ... Lopez, citing a single 197-unit affordable housing project that cost $42 million Here is the Doubt that Marcus Giavanni points out to his constituents, and to the citizens’, and voters of Denver.


Nevertheless, if you take $42,000,000 million dollars, and divide it by 197. It comes to the City and County of Denver spending 213,198.00 on each person, qualified for low housing. (Sorry, number 198+ low income needlers, you must move to another city).


Marcus Giavanni and others contentions are that Denver could have worked out a Tax Revenue share, with one of their closet neighborhood city Mayors. (Remember, 154 square miles is not that big an area.)


So, moving to beautiful cities like Aurora, Arvada, Boulder, Centennial, Commerce City, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, and then you have the Rocky Mountains, and they are 30 to 50 minutes from any anywhere from the Denver Metropolitan area, and suburbs. Is easy?


Anyway, back to Tax Revenue share program Marcus Giavanni spoke about in his 2nd place run for “Candidate for Denver Mayor” and one of the Candidates for Governor of Colorado.


Tax Revenue Share: Denver City council could have. Gave $10,000 to all 197 low income housing applicants; for a total of $1,970,00 a savings of $40,030,000 million dollars. Remember those, 198+ low income housing rejections, who are left out in the cold. Marcus Giavanni would have had your back. And then some. (This scenario is not reality with current administrations ideology) 


Now, let’s go back to Tax Revenue share. Now these new 197 low income housing can live in a Denver Metro City suburb. And the Cities, would be able to pay Denver Back. In future tax revenues collected, they received from each applicant’s city choice. (Of course, a deal would have to be made, but it's cheaper than $42,000,000, and just think of the roads in Denver.)


This way everyone wins. And the money keeps revolving. And the people who can afford to live in Denver. Will continue to pay top dollar for precious space in the 154 square miles of city Beautiful.  




Future Conversations supporting Google+ Truth Algorithms, (True or false) Google Truth Algorithms, Truth Algorithms for Knowledge-Based Trust; Software,

Hardware, Vaults, and Content Mining, Web Mining.


That’s all for now class!

Denver (Image) for Knowledge based Trust Algorithms
Denver (Image) for Knowledge based Trust Algorithms
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