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The Internet is a Tyrannical Beast it Feeds on the Emotions and Habits of Humans.

Always Control Your Clouds...

For in the Future, They will Control You!

Marcus Giavanni Business Opportunity

Cutting Edge New Businesses - Theme Night Clubs and Restaurants -  Movie and Music Industry


Giavanni has a Business Opportunity, and many different Businesses Opportunities, for those individuals looking to go next level in the Business World.  
Giavanni works with Business Owners looking to expand or to move on to a new life. Or you may just want to start your own Business Venture.   Marcus Giavanni has a few ideas for seasonal Themed Night Clubs and Restaurants located in Colorado, Florida and Arizona.

 Maybe you want to submit a script for a movie, or you are looking to be a Executive Producer for movies or reality shows.

Whatever Business Opportunity you may be looking to jump right in and take control of your Business Venture wants and needs.

One thing for sure, make sure you have enough money to start your Business Venture and keep it a float.

Make sure you use money you can afford to lose, not every Business Venture will be the next million dollar company.

In Fact, most fail with in a year. And they lose everything.

Do not lose everything, use your head and call Marcus Giavanni and find out if you qualify.
Looking for an Investment Opportunity???

For Sale By Owner Company


Territories Available:

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Los Angeles, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Pueblo, Colorado
Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California
Santa Barbara, California
Tuscon, Arizona

Costs & Fees

Liquid Capital Required


Net Worth Required


Total Investment

$225,000 – $700,000

Franchise Fee


Business Type


Training and Support


Fill out the information below or send an email to We do not share information.

However you can share ours!

Thank You!

FSBOC Specialist
For Sale By Owner Company (FSBOC)

Why is For Sale By Owner Company such a great idea. Because Google had to create our own category.

Don't take our word for it.

Google Search:

We started a few years ago with Luxury Coaches. And we did not have much Internet presence.

When potential clients would Google search us we would not come up.

Only would come up, but we were not listing homes, as of yet.

Nevertheless, we had to back off and let our companies marinate for a few years until Google Search would start showing us up in the organic search results.

So for the next few years Marcus Giavanni became a YouTube Partner. And latched onto Google too.

Now, we are ready to take the For Sale By Owner Company National and International.

Interested in finding out more contact

We have the next Billion dollar Internet Company, and not everyone will know, what they will have before them.

Good Luck!
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