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Mile High 420 Festival: 2018 420 Festival Euflora  Bobby Reginelli and Team Denver 2018

Published May 1, 2018 3:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mile High 420 Festival 2018 | The Day After | April 21| Congratulations |Euflora Cannabis Dispensaries | Bobby Reginelli | Employees Team Euflora | 

Mile High 420 Festival - Euflora - Bobby Reginelli - Denver 2018 420 Rally turned Festival. 420 Day after 4.21 Marcus Giavanni first to congratulate Euflora’s Bobby Reginelli, Marketing Director,Euflora Cannabis Dispensaries.

Euflora’s battle with the City and county of Denver, Colorado. Just to apply for the Permit was scary enough. Thus, the reason Denver Voters should be voting away form Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and friends.

This holds true to Kayvan Khalatbari, Denver Voters, who are not swayed by Marijuana, Pizza, and Comedy, alone. Denver Voters are thinking beyond their stash box of weed. Denver Voters are really looking at the Best Candidate for Denver Mayor 2019, Denver Auditor 2019, Denver Clerk and Recorder, Denver City Council, and Denver City Council At-large.

Denver’s last two election cycles were suppressed by two cents. The current categorized city and county of Denver, Colorado as a monopoly Government. Who took over the nonpartisan Elections System. Rewrote, and removed Denver City Charter content provided by a Florida based company. Who allows each city, county to charge, remove, and update any, and all content.

The good news, there is a digital finger print trail all over this manipulation of Denver City Charter laws. One of the big changes we found. That was removed, but a snap shot, a printed out version from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2103, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Go get your own subpoena.

You might be asking your selves ... What the hell does the Next Denver Election for 2019. Have anything to do with the 420 Day 2018. And what does it have for the Future of the Mile High 420 Festival 2019 Day Event?

When we all look at the simple things, like what Bobby Reginelli, and Team Euflora had to go through to get their permit to hold the 1st ever Mile High 420 Event in 2018. Was despicable and proves beyond reasonable doubt. That Denver Employees abuse their authority. And many departments have been known to do the same thing. And hiring operatives in the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of Denver “We are Denver”.

Here are the facts … Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and friends are slowing drifting, to the Vortex of the Black Hat Abyss Awards 2018. With over 150 departments, all having their own abusive power struggles, go unchallenged, and unchanged, leading Denver from a Monopoly for of Government. To a smaller local, United Sates of America 2019 version of a Kleptocracy Government.

Most everyone in Denver Mayor Hancock’s office were swing a double edged sword. Some what the 420 day event to succeed, and others wanted it to fail so bad. It would over shadow the current temperature of Denver Voters. Who are really embarrassed of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s confession to the public. Michael Hancock sent harassing text messages to Mayor Hancock security detail. A woman from the Denver Police Department; Leslie Branch-Wise.

Then you had the original permit holders who lost their chance when all hell broke loose on the 420 Day 2017 events. Even the media was hoping, things would go wrong. Why, because they are losing put on advertising money from not being able to sell advertising to dispensaries. and certain manufacturers, products, and services.

Some media are even trying to open their own Cannabis magazines, and other digital media to make up for loss revenues. All that cash, and the media is not getting their share of that Guda $$$! They have their rubber bands ready, to wrap all that cash. But certain media are not seeing their share of that ched’r-cheez-cash!

I shall Digress. If Denver was to bring back the 420 Rally Denver. With out city of Denver officials. Trying to know everything, so they can. Plan a counter attack. Our city Government was foiled. And the entire world like Bobby Reginelli, predicted was watching the city and county of Denver. - Marcus Giavanni