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Denver Mayoral Candidates: Michael Hancock - Marcus Giavanni - 2019 Denver Mayoral Candidates

Published Aug 2, 2018 6:04 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denver Mayoral Candidate | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Democrat | 2015 Denver Mayoral Nonpartisan 2019 Candidate Marcus Giavanni |#Colorado | #Denver | 2019 Denver Municipal Elections | 2019 Denver Elections Division | 2019 City and County of Denver | Denver Blockchain Technology Council


2019 Denver Mayoral Candidates – 2019 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and “Marcus Giavanni - - Candidate 2019. Denver Mayoral Candidate were denied a Debate between Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni, Candidate 2019. Voters’ want the Denver Mayoral Candidates, Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni, to battle in a Denver Mayoral Debate for Candidate 2019 Marcus Giavanni”.”

Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni

Denver Mayoral Candidates, Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni, Kleptocrat Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will battle Nonpartisan Candidate 2019 Marcus Giavanni. Denver Voters are sick of the Monopoly, and everyone in the establishment making more money than our teachers, Law enforcement, and City Employees. Even the appointed positions, and department heads are making bank off the backs of Denver Citizens, and their great grandchildren.